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Clear the test news/data

The test data is provided to view the funcitonallity before add content and test the designs.

1. Go to CuteNews admin.
2. Go to Edit News header option.
3. Select all articles that you don't want (for example: test articles)
4. Press on With Selected -> Delete news (selector) -> Go button.
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Players Online: 1

Accounts: 26

Total Players: 9

Version: 6609

Languages: Español & English (same server, you choose)

Bosses: Every 6 minutes Events List

Events: Events List

CP Drop: 1-3 CPs (FREE VIP 4) - 3-7 CPs (VIP 6)

Features: Wings, +12, All Classes, NO CHI

Difficulty: Medium

EXP Rate: x100

Max level: 140



Top Level

  • # Name Class Level
  • 1. Spanish[GM] Wind Walker 140
  • 2. testtest Wind Walker 140
  • 3. archertest Ninja 140
  • 4. taoi Fire 140
  • 5. windwalker Wind Walker 140
  • 6. Admin2[PM] Archer 137
  • 7. test44 Wind Walker 4

Top Arena

  • # Name Points
  • 1. Admin2[PM] 4000
  • 2. Spanish[GM] 4000
  • 3. archertest 4000
  • 4. taoi 4000
  • 5. testtest 1000
  • 6. windwalker 1000
  • 7. test 0